Morrisons Cruelty

Morrisons claims to "take animal welfare seriously." However, despite horrific animal suffering in its supply chain, it has refused to sign up to the Better Chicken Commitment. These scientific measures are backed by over 40 animal protection charities from across Europe. Bred to grow so fast their bodies can't keep up, 'FrankenChickens' sold at Morrisons are living lives of misery. It's time for change. When will Morrisons hold true to their word and take this issue seriously?

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Bred to Suffer

Birds have been so genetically manipulated that they grow to be three times as large as they would without such invasive tampering — and in less time. This accelerated growth leaves birds crippled under their own weight and causes a myriad of other problems.

Trapped in Filth

Industrial farming operations house hundreds of thousands of birds inside filthy, windowless sheds. Due to this severe overcrowding, these birds are provided slightly less space than a sheet of paper to live on. Often they are unable to walk and lie in ammonia-laden litter causing sores and respiratory problems.